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Born out of a collaboration with pianist John Crawford which revealed a shared mutual passion for Eastern European music, Latin American songs and the music of Duncan Lamont and Avishai Cohen;  Daniela’s new album Heart Dances is a project featuring Crawford as the constant force with three different rhythm sections plus soloists, in a mix of jazz and Latin styles and original material.

The tracks range from songs by Ivan Lins, Paul McCartney and Sting to 1930s Eastern European songs given new jazz arrangements;  and a Clynes original,  a collaboration with jazz singer Anita Wardell,  to a piece by bassist Avishai Cohen with original lyrics by Daniela.

Daniela formed a new band in 2010, which became the core group for the album’s jazz material.  Featuring the great saxophonist Iain Ballamy,  with Tom Mason on double bass and renowned jazz drummer Clark Tracey alongside John Crawford on piano.

For the songs by Ivan Lins, the updated Yiddish poem ‘Road Tree’ and the salsa-groove of ‘Blackbird’, Daniela brought in a rhythm section made up of some of the finest Latin American musicians based in London,  introduced to her by John.

Daniela’s version of Avishai Cohen’s ‘Etude’ became the catalyst for the formation of the third rhythm section with Mauritian bassist Linley Marthe, (who Daniela had wanted to work with since meeting him at Ronnie Scott’s club in 2004, where he was performing with Joe Zawinul), and  longtime friend, Ghanaian / British drummer Frankie Tontoh.   They also perform on a lyrical version of Sting's 'When We Dance'.

The finishing touches were added to some of the Latin tracks by the brass arrangements of great trumpeter Noel Langley,  with multi-flautist Gareth Lockrane.

Watch the video about new album,  "Heart Dances"  on Daniela's Youtube channel


Daniela Clynes (voice)
John Crawford (piano)

Iain Ballamy (tenor sax)
Tom Mason (double bass)
Clark Tracey (drums)

Gili Lopes (double bass)
Tristan Banks (drums)
Guillermo Hill (guitars)
Andres Ticino (percussion)

Frankie Tontoh (drums)
Linley Marthe (electric bass)

Noel Langley (trumpet & flugelhorn)
Gareth Lockrane (flutes)
Russell Van Den Berg (soprano sax)

  1. Hush Hush
    Daniela Clynes
  2. An Occasional Man
    music:  Ralph Blane,  lyrics:  Hugh Martin
  3. Road Tree
    "Oyfn Veg Shteyt  A Boim"
    Yiddish poem:  Itzik Manger,  music:  folk  
    English lyrics:  Daniela Clynes   
    arr.  Liam Noble, D. Clynes,  John Crawford,  Noel Langley
  4. When We Dance
  5. Formigueiro
    Ivan Lins / Vitor Martins
    arr.  John Crawford
  6. Etude
    music: Avishai Cohen
    lyrics : Daniela Clynes
    arr. Frankie Tontoh,  Linley Marthe,  John Crawford
    brass arr.  Noel Langley
  7. Manhattan In The Rain
    Duncan Lamont
  8. Desesperar, Jamais
    Ivan Lins / Vitor Martins
    arr.  John Crawford
  9. Springtime
     "Friling" Yiddish song:  Shimke Katzerginsky ,  Avreml Brodna
     English lyrics:  Daniela Clynes;  
    arr.  Liam Noble, D. Clynes
  10. Daisies
    "Margaritkelech" Yiddish folk song:  Zalman Zhnoer
    English lyrics: Daniela Clynes
  11. My Time Of Day / Blackbird
    Frank Loesser  /  Lennon & McCartney
    arr.  John Crawford
  12. Still Time
    music: Anita Wardell,   lyrics:  Daniela Clynes
Picture of Daniela Clynes New Album Heart Dances